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Drones/3D Scan/Simulation/Animation

Drones/3D Scan/Simulation/Animation


Drones/3D Scan/Simulation/Animation Investigation Abilities at CED


Computer-generated animations as demonstrative evidence are a powerful way to tell a story of what happened in an accident. With the integration of off -the-shelf software with ‘Google Earth’ type programs, an expert can quickly create a realistic animation in a short duration of time. Off the shelf software programs are much less expensive than in previous years and do not require a great deal of time to master. Contemporary software programs contain a library of vehicles, fences, etc. so less time is needed to build the components of the animation. The result is that an engineering expert can now create their own animation, allowing them to better represent their opinions in the courtroom and removing the requirement to employ the traditional graphic artist who would create the animation. By contrast, simulation software utilizes mathematical models and algorithms and imports body size, structure of vehicle and forces experienced to create a video. This simulation can support an opinion of whether the forces experienced are consistent with the injury sustained.

Types of  Vehicular Simulations & Animations

  • Vehicular Accidents
  • Accidents Involving Pedestrians
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Commercial Vehicles

Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones)

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), or drones, are more commonly known for use in the military but recent advancements have provided commercial use for forensic
engineering. UAS allow CED engineers to quickly capture an aerial overview of a scene or situation providing another viewpoint. CED drone operators can also use these aircrafts to inspect areas not readily accessible, providing High Definition video and photography of a scene or components.

Aerial video and photography of sites
• Cost effective and safer way to view damage or causation
• Scene preservation and documentation from more than one perspective

3D Measurement, Imaging and Realization Technologies.

3D scanning technology allows CED engineers to preserve a scene permanently, removing the threat of deterioration over time and providing a measurement tool and realization of a scene long after the incident. The 3D scanning equipment uses lasers to measure distances, capturing one million data points per second, recreating an entire landscape in minutes. This detailed data collection allows engineers to make measurements of any component captured at any time; ranging from a hairline crack in stucco to an entire accident scene on a multi-lane highway. Engineers can also create a color imaging realization or “fly-through- video” of the entire landscape creating visual access to explore everything from the obvious to the subtle. 3D scanning technology creates invaluable support in any case.
• Scene Preservation in great detail
• Measuring tool of all components or landscapes scanned
• Providing a real world video of a preserved scene
• Viewpoint and examination tools from different perspectives

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