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Electrical/Electronic Failures

Electrical/Electronic Failures


CED's Electrical Engineers have investigated  numerous cases where electrical components or electronics were the major allegation of the loss or injury. Before assessing the failure it is important to understand the difference between the areas of electrical and electronic failures.  Electrical failures are failures where electricity or the distribution of electricity is suspected to have caused loss or injury.  Typical failures would be electrical wiring, distribution panels, overloading and power lines.  For these areas CED has several electrical engineers who possess an advanced education in electrical engineering and have extensive experience with investigating these issues.

CED can also assist or provide expertise in the area of electronic or electrical component failures.  Electronic failures are accidents where a device that uses electricity is the probable cause of the accident.  Typical failures include consumer products, marine devices and either motorized or mechanical devices.  For these investigations a mechanical engineer is an excellent source for expertise, as they have specific training in mechanical devices and components.  The area where accidents may require both mechanical and electrical expertise is when the accident or loss is from an electrical component of a mechanical device.  Although the loss or fire may have resulted from the mechanical device such as a television, the electrical components such as circuit boards and internal fuses may need the evaluation of an electrical engineer.  CED can assist in this area  as we have both types of engineers that can work together on a comprehensive opinion  to withstand the toughest critics.

Expertise for Electrical & Electronic Failures:

  • Electrical Fires
  • Electrical “Shorts” or “Overloading” (Arcs)
  • Electrical Shocks
  • Misinstallation of Electrical Wiring, Distribution Equipment
  • Power Lines Maintenance and Voltage
  • Marine Electrical Failures
  • Electronic Failures (Consumer Products)
  • Electrical Component Failures (Motors, Circuit Boards, Fuses, Terminal)


Since our first case 30 years ago, CED has been a powerful asset in thousands of investigations into the cause of accidents and product failures. Our success has been driven

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