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Fire & Explosion

Fire & Explosion


hen it comes to Fire and Explosion investigation CED's teams of engineers have inspected and been deposed on hundreds of cases and claims. Our engineers have backgrounds in mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil and fire science. An investigation can include: fire origin and cause, determination in building/housing cases, malfunctions causing vehicle and boat damage,  mechanical and electrical equipment failure and fires in portable kerosene heaters and household appliances.

CED experts have also investigated sprinkler system designs and malfunctions and fire alarm failures.

Fire & Explosion investigation services include:

  • NFPA, BOCA and IEEE Code Compliance Analysis
  • Site and equipment inspections
  • Computer modeling to determine probable point of origin and movement
  • Laboratory disassembly and investigation of fire damaged equipment
  • Material combustibility analysis and testing
  • Laboratory simulations of fires on exemplar equipment

Technical Equipment for Testing Include:

  • Temperature measuring and recording equipment
  • Carbon Monoxide sampling meter
  • Smoke making apparatus
  • Electronic measuring equipment
  • Laboratory equipment for analyzing material properties and accelerants


Since our first case 30 years ago, CED has been a powerful asset in thousands of investigations into the cause of accidents and product failures. Our success has been driven

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