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Industrial Machinery

Industrial Machinery


CED's engineers have been involved in a wide variety of accidents involving industrial machinery.  Our engineers have tested, evaluated and consulted on machinery cases which include: printing presses, punch presses, robotics, assembly plants, food processing equipment, loading equipment, automatic machinery and operator misuse.

Our Services Include:

  • Investigation relating to accidents from improper or inadequate design of industrial equipment
  • Analysis of human/machine interface accidents
  • Evaluation of accidents involving a workers usage of industrial equipment
  • Examination and report on accidents resulting from improper and/or removal of guards and interlocks
  • Investigation of injuries caused by a workers failure to place equipment in a safe condition
  • Studying and consulting on inattentive and improper operator actions by workers
  • Examination of operating rules and guidelines as it pertains to plant and operating procedures

Technical Equipment for Testing Include:

  • ANSI and OSHA Codes and Standards
  • Human Factor Texts and References
  • Material and Metallurgical Analysis Equipment
  • Force and Weigh Measuring Apparatus
  • Light and Sound Meters
  • Surveying, Leveling, Photographic and Video Equipment


Since our first case 30 years ago, CED has been a powerful asset in thousands of investigations into the cause of accidents and product failures. Our success has been driven

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