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CED will be a MassDLA Presenter

CED will be a MassDLA Presenter


2017 Annual Meeting & Spring Seminar

June 2nd

InterContinental Boston Hotel

CED Presenting on 3D Scanning/ Printing & Drone Use

More about MassDLACED will be a MassDLA Presenter at their annual meeting in Boston, MA.

The Massachusetts Defense Lawyers Association is a voluntary association of trial lawyers who defend corporations, individuals and insurance companies in civil lawsuits. The purpose of the MassDLA is to improve the administration of justice, legal education, and professional standards and to promote collegiality and civility among all members of the bar.  MassDLA provides numerous meeting and seminars throughout the year to their members and outsiders.  CED will be a MassDLA presenter at their annual meeting in Boston.

CED will be presenting on 3D scanning/ printing & drone use.  These technologies can give CED's engineers accurate evidence that can be stored and uploaded at any time.

Lastly, if you would like to come check out our presentation here is a link to MassDLA for registration.


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